Multipath in HP-UX

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Multipath in HP-UX

帖子 MUDBOY » 2016年 12月 7日 10:55 星期三


A simple example would be a SCSI disk connected to two SCSI controllers on the same computer or a disk connected to two Fibre Channel ports. Should one controller, port or switch fail, the operating system can route I/O through the remaining controller transparently to the application, with no changes visible to the applications, other than perhaps incremental latency.

Features of Multipath:

* Dynamic load balancing
* Traffic shaping
* Automatic path management
* Dynamic reconfiguration

How to find multipath on hp ux ??


# strings /etc/lvmtab
# vgdisplay -v vgname

2.Native Multipathing (11.31) (agile device name)

# ioscan -m dsf h/w address

Examble : ioscan -m dsf /dev/rdisk/disk586
Persistent DSF Legacy DSF(s)
/dev/rdisk/disk586 /dev/rdsk/c15t0d0

# scsimgr -D lun_map (which will give the number of paths to that lun)

# ioscan -kfnNC (will show the persistent device file in 11.31)

# evainfo (EVA) and xpinfo (XP) - commands will show the multipaths for luns.
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