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Angry IP Scanner

帖子 admin » 2013年 5月 17日 21:10 星期五

Angry IP Scanner is a fast, lightweight tool.

It requires no installation and is easy to use.

Enter the IP range you want to scan and click Start. In a few moments you will have a list of all the devices on the network, including hostnames and open ports. A list of possible uses:
  • Scan your network to see if anyone has plugged in unauthorized devices - like rogue WiFi access-points
  • Do you have building electrical maintenance planned? Instruct your users to shut down when they go home, then scan the network to see if any machines were accidentally left on
  • Use the port scan to do a basic check for possible vulnerabilities, or see if someone has installed web or mail servers that you don’t know about
  • Check to see how many free IP addresses you have on a subnet, then optimize your DHCP scope.